Today, undifferentiated products or services abound in the market, most offering a good level of quality but little else. Unrelenting competition and too similar products have led to the importance and power of building and caring for your brand.


Apple Takes a Bite out of Its Rivals To Dominate the BrandFinance® Global 500

Apple named the most valuable brand in the world (US $70.6 billion) after rocketing from 8th to 1st position on 2012 table by Brand Finance Inc...

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Great Company Names What's the Secret?

While a clever and appropriate name can impress your fan base, choosing an unoriginal, dull name communicates a lack of enthusiasm towards your new business venture. However, it's never too late...

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Marketer of the Year: Coca-Cola Beverage Giant EarnsTop Honor

In its 125 years, Coca-Cola has been one of the world's most dependably good marketers. But there have been rougher times, as Joe Tripodi isn't afraid to admit...

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Brand Marketing And the New Rules ofEngagement

For all the changes affecting media these days, the essential product of media, its content, is really no different. But consumers now consume media content in a wholly different context, one that is embedded with many new cues...

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Creative Branding

Many people confuse a brand with a brand-name or logo. Brands are concepts and promises that a company makes to its intended audience, manifested in brand signals like the company's respective culture, product, service, employees, design, etc. When people speak about how much they love a brand, they are not...

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Top 10 Branding Mistakes Ten Ways to Kill yourCompany Branding

Sometimes a company will spend lots of time and money to get a brand established - they create a name, put a tag line with it that makes a great promise...

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Airport Marketing Marketing to a CaptiveAudience

Frequent Flyers are almost twice as likely as average consumers to sample and adopt new products and services. Couple this statistic with the fact that air travelers spend an average of 90 minutes in the airport and it's obvious why...

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