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Given that companies of all sizes are competing on the global stage, and the pace of change and level of complexity have skyrocketed in the last decade, creative strategy development is needed more than ever.


The Danger of Discount Pricing

David Ogilvy, a legend along-side the likes of Rosser Reeves and Bill Bernbach, has some strong words to say about deals and price. They are certainly worth repeating...

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Strategy: 6 Guiding Principles

When Mike Tyson said, "everybody's got plans... until they get hit," everyone knew intuitively what he meant. Simply having a strategy is no guarantee of success...

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Creating Win/Win Negotiations

Have you always gotten what you've wanted in a negotiation? I have yet to meet a person who got everything he or she "wanted." However, there are ways to always get what we "need." Do this by creating a comfortable environment. Here are four ways to create win/win negotiations...

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Achieving Market Dominance With Strategic Marketing Mixand Positioning

Many businesses have tried to look for the most effective marketing strategies that will actually help them to have recognition in the market...

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Improving Sales Performance Synergy Between Sales andMarketing Departments

Sales and marketing differ greatly but the good news is that both have a similar goal. The goal is actually to bring about a harmonized trading market which will...

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Why New Businesses Fail? And How to Avoid

Research indicates that seven out of ten new businesses survive at least two years and 51 percent survive at least five years. Better success rates notwithstanding, a significant percentage of new businesses...

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Is Direct Marketing Right for You?

With the internet a ubiquitous part of life and countless nontraditional marketing methods available, many business owners focus on marketing through nontraditional means. This has led many to speculate that direct marketing as well as traditional...

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Franchising Branching Out

Franchising your business is a great way of expanding and getting your brand or product across a larger geographical area. It's all about growing your business at a relatively low risk. Put simply, it's the franchisees who have to borrow to set up premises and fit-outs. A franchisor provides the mode of...

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