March 27, 2019

Airport Marketing

Frequent Flyers are almost twice as likely as average consumers to sample and adopt new products and services. Couple this statistic with the fact that air travelers spend an average of 90 minutes in the airport and it's obvious why Airport Marketing is a highly anticipated new marketing service.

Marketing to a Captive Audience

Today, marketers are searching for impressive and dynamic new ways to connect with their prime prospects. Airport management is looking for new, non-traditional revenue streams able to offset skyrocketing capital costs and losses in airside revenues. And the airport environment represents phenomenal profit potential.

Want to Catch the Eye of High-income Customers?

Your best chance may come while they wait to board airplanes. Even better, airport passengers are often idling in the terminal without much to do once they have passed security.

But navigating airport marketing can be complicated. Each airport contains dozens of advertising opportunities both in the airport and on airplanes, and often, different vendors control each opportunity. Helping to bridge the gap are major agencies as well as a couple of small companies that have found great success specializing in airport media and sampling programmes.