January 12, 2018

Strong Company Names | What's the Secret?

Your business name can spell Success

Choosing a business name is one of the most important aspects in starting a business. The name you choose will represent the image and label of your business, and you want that image conveyed clearly to your customers. Your brand is more than just the image - your business name carries a powerful energy that can create great success! But it can also be the cause behind a constant struggle with mediocre performance.

We Power your Brand

At PowerBrand we use a unique formula to create business names based on a mathematical principle. Your brand with a strong energy will attract the best opportunities and help you in your efforts to create success.

Unique. Powerful. Creative.

There are already many established brands in your target market. Creating a unique brand that stands out requires you to get good professional consultation. Successful names are relevant, unique and simple. You can easily achieve meaningful results with a strong name.

Benefits of a balanced business name and brand

We offer you a selection of business names based on your requirements of sound and image. The type of business is considered and names are provided to allow a natural outlet for the ideals and objectives of your company.

Strong names for companies of all sizes

Range from company name for small one-man operation to brand development for international companies. The quality of a brand name or company name should be evaluated only in the light of the overall context.

Your brand is your most important investment

Up to 95% of the company value is represented by brands. Coca-Cola is a world-renowned brand. According to a survey by Superbrands, Coca-Cola's brand recognition ranks first in the world with an amazing global market recognition of 94%.

Discover how a strong name really makes a difference!
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Whether you are starting a new company or have an established enterprise, let PowerBrand help you design strong names for your business.