June 6, 2017

Creative Branding

Branding Basics

Many people confuse a brand with a brand-name or logo. Brands are concepts and promises that a company makes to its intended audience, manifested in brand signals like the company's respective culture, product, service, employees, design, etc.

When people speak about how much they love a brand, they are not talking about logo, they are talking about how the company makes them feel.

Building a brand which will last through thick and thin in years is one of the most difficult things a company can do. Because brand is not just about quality products, excellent customer service, and how much money you have to advertise, even if you are a successful company, you may not be known as a brand. A brand's qualities can be physical and are also perceived. It is the perception or value that is hard to develop and maintain.

For a brand to propel itself into daily consciousness, it should reflect several basic traits. It must take on a personality of its own and exhibit qualities of trust, sincerity, authenticity, staying power, mass appeal, uniqueness, and it must have some meaning of importance to its users. All of these qualities are the mark of an excellent brand. The logo alone and fancy advertising will not make the product a brand.

Managing your brand is a huge undertaking but it is essential to long-term branding. Success is found from understanding and committing to brand management basics. You can turn your brand into a cash cow.

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