July 17, 2018

Improving Sales Performance via Synergy Between Sales and Marketing Departments

The Goal of Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing differ greatly but the good news is that both have the same goal. The goal is actually to bring about a harmonized trading market which will consist of willing customers to buy products and hence increase sales which eventually increases profits.

The Marketing Department

It should be noted that marketing improves the selling environment that actually focus on customer marketing, in such a way that customers are well informed about the existence of a product in the market through a thorough marketing and thus they make their coherent decisions about the product hence improving the selling environment. The decision of the customers is noted by the marketing department of an organization and thus we can conclude that marketing plays vital roles in sales.

The main goal of the marketing department of any organization is actually to increase the number of interactions between the potential customers and the business organization. It is a big task to increase this particular interaction simply because the potential customers must be searched in the market and convinced fully about a particular product in the market. By so doing, the interaction will increase and it will help both the marketing department and the customers.

The Sales Team of an Organization

For any marketing department to achieve its goal of increasing the interaction between the potential customers and the organization, it must have a sales team whose work is to go round promoting sales of the organization and actually promote the products of that organization. The promotional techniques used by the sales team include; advertising, sales promotion and public relations.

The sales team is supposed to consist of well trained people who have proficient skills in sales promotion and have the ability to convince customers fully to a point of accepting to purchase the commodities not only for trial but also for continuous use. The sales team is supposed to be trained by the marketing department and be equipped with the desired knowledge that will be used in attracting customers and posing competition to the rival business organization dealing with the same products in the market.

Visiting the Business Organization

This is the work of the sales team to bring potential customers to visit the business which is holding sales promotion in the market. The promotion may be too great in such a way that some of the potential customers may demand to have a short visit to the business organization and have a look themselves. This is actually good and it may reflect the commitment of the sales team in the field. Potential customers demand to visit the business organization so as to gain more information especially from the marketing department and also as a way to witness whether what they were told during the promotion was actually true. The visiting is good because it gives potential customers conviction about what they are being told about and may strengthen faith to such a business organization and turn to become loyal customers for that same.