July 4, 2020

Tips for Improving User Experience on Your Website

Don't give your site visitors an easy reason to click away.

Your website is a powerful tool. It is your 24/7 salesman, and as a result, it can be your most powerful asset and the centerpiece of all your marketing efforts.

However, quickly changing digital trends may cause your website to feel outdated and old faster than you think. While a complete redesign may be a good option in some cases, you may not have the money or time to invest in this big of a project. Instead, consider making a few small tweaks to improve your site's user experience (UX).

Use White Space Intentionally

Some people avoid white space on their website, thinking every inch should be filled with ad copy or photos advertising the available services or products. However, white space is a crucial part of any good website design. The proper amount of white space helps your content appear more legible while enabling the end-user to focus on the things around your text.

White space can also help your website feel fresh, modern, and high-end. When you combine this with consistent branding, you can communicate your desired feeling to the user.

However, keep in mind that f you want to get more content "above the fold" (the part of the page you can see without scrolling), too much white space may be replacing some helpful information. The idea is to find balance. Try communicating key information at the top and then surrounding it with some space to highlight the text or image.

Optimize Page Speed

For many users, the most frustrating experience is waiting for a page to load. Varying from mobile device users, people across the globe, to those clicking from a variety of platforms, there is one thing they have in common: all users expect content to load quickly.

If the page does not load fast enough, users will likely bounce away. Slow page load time is an interrupting experience for your visitors and a source of frustration. People do not want to wait, so don't make them. Invest time and resources in getting your page to load faster.

Create Appealing Calls to Action

Your customers are used to following various visual cues to figure out what content is essential to them. Calls to action that are clearly marked with an action word allows your users to navigate your site with ease and get what they want, where they expect to find it. Keep language simple, legible, and easy to find.

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