October 27, 2018

Achieving Market Dominance

With Strategic Marketing Mix and Positioning

Many businesses have tried to look for the most effective marketing strategies that will actually help them to have recognition in the market. A shoe dealer will try as much as he can to dominate the market by being referred as the shoe seller offering the best shoe prices and treating customers with the utmost care. This is only achievable through an effective marketing strategy that addresses exhaustively the needs of the customers.

In order for a marketing strategy to be effective, it must consist of some facts for instance; the product development, product promotion, product distribution and product pricing. Product promotion would deal with how effective the marketing strategy is in promoting its product in the entire market. Pricing will deal with how the strategy addresses prices in the market in such a way that they are the most competitive. Product distribution is the efficient allocation of limited resources of the business in such a way that the business does not run out of the available resources.

A well laid down marketing strategy is able to identify the firm's marketing goals and thoroughly explains how the goals will be achieved after a specified period of time. Marketing strategy is associated with the marketing mix, marketing positioning and resource allocation. The latter is very crucial in the marketing strategy because the resources of a business are always limited and it is advisable to allocate resources efficiently so that the operations of the business are harmonized.

It is true to argue that different businesses adopt various strategies depending on the nature and size of the business. Very large businesses adopt those marketing strategies that require a large outlay of capital so as to increase the sales which leads to a higher profit. However, regardless of the size or the nature of business, every business is expected to adopt a well-developed marketing strategy. Marketing strategy can serve as the foundation of a marketing plan since all the objectives stated in the marketing plan can be executed in the marketing strategy.

When planning for the best marketing strategy to comply with, you should bear in mind that resources for the business are limited. Therefore, it is advisable that you adopt a strategy that will efficiently allocate the available resources. It has been noticed that many newly emerging small businesses try to form marketing strategies that require large money outlay and hence they cannot achieve the same. This makes them close down since the expenses in the marketing outweigh the returns from the business. However it is advisable that before adapting to any marketing strategy, you are supposed to first evaluate the resources your company has and by so doing, you will be in a position to adopt the best strategy ever that will increase your volume of sales.

A good marketing strategy helps dominance in the market. Your business can get a rank in the market through the type of strategy it has adopted. Those businesses that have adopted the most effective strategies dominate the market and hence the rest becomes followers. We can evaluate the effectiveness of a company's marketing strategy by making a keen observation on how it is carrying out its operations in the market. We can observe the setting of prices and compare them with other competing firms. It is also advisable to have a keen look on the company's normal profits because some companies adopt marketing strategies that lead them to great loses but they continue with the same strategies so that they get recognition in the market but in the real sense they are operating at a loss.